Consumer Analysis Of Dufa Varnishes

Consumer Analysis Of Dufa Varnishes
Consumer Analysis Of Dufa Varnishes

Video: Consumer Analysis Of Dufa Varnishes

Video: Consumer Analysis Of Dufa Varnishes
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Dufa boots-klarlack

Price: $ 23

Varnish on a special alkyd base (Germany)

Price for a can of 2.5 liters. It can be purchased only from the official partners of Meffert AG in Russia.

PURPOSE: for internal and external protective and decorative processing of furniture, doors, "lining", wooden boats, etc.



APPEARANCE: colorless, forms a glossy film.

DENSITY: 0.96 kg / liter.

DRYING: "tack-free" - 4-6 hours, after 8 hours - dry to the touch, complete drying - 48 hours at a temperature of 20 degrees Celsius.

CONSUMPTION: 1 liter for 11-14 sq. meters.

THINNER: diluted with white spirit if necessary.

STORAGE: 24 months at a positive temperature.

PACKAGING: 750 ml and 2.5 liter cans.


PROPERTIES: Boots-Klarlack means "boat varnish" in Russian. It owes its name and, at the same time, the recommended field of application to its good moisture resistance (including in relation to the action of sea and salt water).

But as is customary for us, a good owner will use a good thing wherever possible, because Boots-Klarlack successfully varnishes garden furniture, doors, wooden stairs, balconies decorated with clapboard, etc. This is not surprising - the varnish forms a weather-resistant coating, indifferent, including to the effects of sea and salt water, very wear-resistant and durable to mechanical stress.

ECOLOGICAL: has a smell, contains solvents. Requires compliance with safety measures during application and storage.

APPLICATION: the weather resistance of varnished coatings depends on the thickness of the applied layer and the condition of the film. In this case, the minimum number of recommended coatings corresponds to three (and each subsequent application of varnish increases its resistance several times).

When painting new surfaces, it is recommended to first apply a primer of Boots-Klarlack diluted with turpentine or a special synthetic resin thinner - Terpentin Erzsatz (the dilution ratio depends on the surface condition). The second layer is an intermediate varnish, also diluted with turpentine, but not more than 10-15%. The final coat is Boots-Klarlack undiluted. Each subsequent layer is applied after 4-6 hours. The old varnish coating is usually first sanded and then covered in 1-2 layers with new varnish.

NOTE: when lacquering boats, a high-quality inner coating is also required to achieve absolute water resistance.

Dufa parkettlack

Price: $ 4.8

Varnish based on alkyd and polyurethane resins

Price per liter

PRODUCER: Meffert AG Farbwerke, Germany.

PURPOSE: for interior and exterior protective and decorative processing of wood, parquet, wooden floor with normal load, as well as for varnishing furniture, doors and shaped wooden paneling.



APPEARANCE: colorless matte or glossy.

DENSITY: 1.0 kg / l.

CONSUMPTION: 1 liter per 12 sq. meters in one layer.

DRYING: application of the second layer is possible after 12 hours, dries completely after 24 hours at a temperature of +20 degrees Celsius.

THINNER: diluted with white spirit if necessary.

STORAGE: 24 months in a cool place, but not freezing.

PACKAGING: metal cans of 0.75, 2.5 and 10 liters.


PROPERTIES: forms a weather-resistant, abrasion-resistant coating, resistant to weak acids and alkalis.

ECOLOGICAL: contains solvents, has a slight odor. After drying, it is harmless.

APPLICATION: The substrate must be clean, sound and dry. Resin-rich wood must be washed with a nitro thinner. If there are residues of old coatings on the surface, they must be removed, after which the surface must be sanded and cleaned of dust.

The varnish is applied with a brush or spray. For primary varnishing indoors, two layers are recommended: the first is a primer (Parkettlack, thinned 10-20% with white spirit), the final varnishing is carried out with undiluted varnish. It is worth remembering that it is better to apply two thin layers than one thick one.

SUMMARY: Parkettlack is widely used in interior decoration in bars and restaurants (counters, tables, etc.). At home, it can be a good choice for varnishing wooden furniture, including garden furniture, decorative wooden paneling (lining), and, of course, parquet or wooden floors.