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Have you ever wondered which geometric shape is the most ideal? For example, for a long time I believed that the ideal is a circle. Perfection of form, absence of corners, a single trajectory without beginning and end - a whole philosophy! But it turns out she was wrong. All the magical sacredness of my beloved figure was broken one fine day by a banal square. Man created a square world around him, in such a world it is easy and convenient to live. Man made square houses, neighborhoods, apartments, furniture, televisions and … carpets. Yes, carpets!

You really can't argue with this statement. Any object simply must have at least one facet for our own convenience. There is nothing you can do about it, "edge to edge" is the principle of the structure of our world with you. This is understood by everyone who at least once in his life has placed furniture in the apartment or laid tiles in the bathroom …

Now I also faced this "principle of the universe", acquiring a new carpet. The soul longed for something original, however, as always. I wanted to choose, invent, create (a rare combination for the soul). And suddenly I saw THIS.

So the meeting with the dream took place. It turned out to be carpet tiles. You heard right, tiles. A squeak of fashion, an exclamation of style, a groan of practicality, a sigh of convenience!


Carpet tiles are laid tightly one after the other, gradually filling the space

Carpet tiles are the latest invention in the field of carpet weaving. It is a carpet, "cut" into perfectly even squares measuring 50 x 50 cm2. Perfection. There is no need to cut, carefully measuring out every centimeter, and meticulously solder the seams. It is enough just to tightly apply each tile to one another, gradually filling the space.

Each of the squares has a hard but flexible backing made of special bitumen-based resins, so that the tiles do not “tear up” corners and edges and adhere tightly to the adjacent ones. The squares are so tight that you will never stumble. And if the floor is rather slippery, you can glue a square of double-sided tape to each tile from below, which will prevent the tiles from "crawling" on the floor.

The ability to design will help you easily lay out carpet squares the way you want. If you want to give them a different shape, you can easily cut the tiles into strips, squares, circles and create your own floor design.

But there is a main property of carpet tiles. Unfortunately, carpet is very often washed in places of greatest impact on it - for example, when entering a room. In such cases, you have to replace the entire coating or cut out the trampled place. But a worn-out square of carpet tiles can simply be replaced with a new one.


Extravagant interior made of carpet tiles with different patterns

The aesthetic properties of carpet tiles evoke a powerful whirlwind of imagination, because the ability to combine tiles of different colors will allow you to experiment with interior design in any way you like. Take a look at everything from the height of your imagination and take action. You can, for example, lay out the tiles in a checkerboard pattern. What? What if you decide to play giant chess with your friends? But seriously, you can really lay carpet tiles as you like: stripes, squares, ornaments.

If you prefer a calm, modest design that invites a work environment, choose the same carpet tiles as in the president's office. Yes, yes, and the Kremlin has already appreciated the merits of this material.

Moreover, if the tile is monochrome or has the same pattern, then the boundaries of the connection of the squares will be completely invisible. Therefore, tiles can be safely laid even in large rooms, halls, halls and corridors, where flaws and seams are most distinguishable.

The quality, durability and aesthetic properties of carpet tiles depend on the quality of the fiber from which the pile is woven. I really liked the anthrone tile. Experts assured me that the quality of this material is beyond praise. Its properties are far ahead of other materials used for the manufacture of carpets. Here you are not threatened by "pitfalls", as when buying a regular carpet. After all, carpet tiles are an expensive coating, so, as a rule, they have only one material - the anthrone fiber of the DuPont company. And when buying carpet, there is always a risk of purchasing a fake made of polypropylene.

DuPont specialists regularly check the quality of their products. Test results have proven that anthrone is the best synthetic fiber for carpet making.


The firm structure of the anthrone fiber prevents dirt from penetrating into the pile

For anthrone fiber, only nylon 6.6 is used, this is the most durable of all known materials. Specially selected fiber cross-sections, as well as the requirements of the DuPont company to ensure that carpet factories comply with quality indicators, provide the anthrone with a special wear resistance.

In addition, anthrone tiles are difficult to stain. The solid structure of nylon 6.6 simply keeps dirt out of the pile, and the fiber cross-sections make it easy to remove stains. Anthrone pile is also treated with dirt-repellent Teflon (also, by the way, an invention of the DuPont company). This greatly facilitates the maintenance of the carpet.

Also, importantly, anthrone carpet tiles, due to their high color strength, do not fade in the sun at all and withstand dry cleaning. This is one of the main qualities of the coating, because the design of the tiles is so diverse, and the colors and patterns are saturated, that it would be a shame in a year to barely distinguish the pattern on it.

Those who care about their health need to know that anthrone is absolutely safe. It is made only from environmentally friendly materials. In the pile of carpet tiles from antron, harmful insects and microorganisms will not multiply, unlike woolen coverings. Nylon 6.6 can withstand even very high temperatures. If you accidentally forget the iron on it, it will easily withstand this torture, while other synthetic coatings will "shrink". And the main thing is that the anthrone is fireproof, in the language of professionals it is called "self-extinguishing material", so it can be used in public places.


Tile base: 1 - bituminous resin, 2 - fiberglass

The base of the tile consists of several layers, like a modern soft roof. A "sandwich", as it is called, has two alternating layers of bitumen and fiberglass. They give the tiles strength and elasticity and prevent slipping. These materials are environmentally friendly and have their own quality certificates.

Once again, DuPont has succeeded in surprising the spoiled consumer. After truly revolutionary inventions: cellophane in the 1920s, and nylon in the 1930s, DuPont offered humanity lycra, Teflon coating, Kevlar fabric and much more, which cannot be covered in one article. After all, only nylon has found its embodiment in the production of tights, and in the manufacture of fabric for parachutes. This time the "great inventor" made another miraculous transformation of nylon - into anthrone carpet tiles.

See how simple it is? It was enough to invent a supermaterial (anthrone), combine it with the original idea (carpet tiles) - and the result was a perfect covering. So many useful properties and the absence of harmful qualities in one object - isn't that perfect? No wonder they say that all ingenious is simple. As simple as a normal square. As ingenious as tiled carpet. Perfectly like everything we strive for.

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