How To Make The Kitchen Comfortable

How To Make The Kitchen Comfortable
How To Make The Kitchen Comfortable
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When shaping the kitchen interior, the biggest problems are associated with layout flaws and a lack of space. Properly selected kitchen furniture will help to resolve this situation, especially since the variety of models provides such an opportunity. The most important thing is to imagine our own cuisine "in faces", that is, in the plan to provide for the consistency of all objects and their sizes. Believe me, this will greatly facilitate the whole process, up to the installation of the last shelf in the closet.


So, you have compiled a list of all kitchen appliances with dimensions. Now pay attention to technical details, such as: the size and location of ventilation, pipes, wiring, sockets, flexible hoses (gas, water), etc. Add everything you need from the "filling" to your plan, and you can safely go to the store, in fact, choose. If you are going to purchase all items of the kitchen interior separately from each other, do not forget that the depth of household appliances, as a rule, is 600 mm, so check all the parameters of the things you need in advance.

The dominant feature is tall cupboards for storing food and tall cupboards for storing inventory (brushes, brooms, etc.). It should be remembered that they should not rip up the work surface and therefore be located 'on the outskirts' of your kitchen field. If you prefer a built-in grill or oven, it is in a high closet-pantry that they will fit optimally without breaking the uniformity. In addition, you will select the height of the location, in accordance with your convenience requirements.

Further - about the floor cabinets. They are the basis of your workspace, the degree of fatigue of your hands after cooking depends on their height, a large number of drawers on roller structures will help to simplify to the limit the reaching of any item of the kitchen interior that interests you. We advise you to plan the space of the floor cabinets in this way, so that the most frequently used items have mostly easy access (pull-out carousel shelves), and dishes that are rarely in demand can do with ordinary shelves.

Detail: trays and pans fit comfortably in the baseboard box under the floor table, which, in principle, can be of any width, depending on the owner's requests. If the height of the base cabinet (cutting table) does not suit you, the plinth will add a few centimeters necessary for convenience and relieve you from overstraining your arms and back. Important: it is extremely comfortable to work while sitting, and if you decide to bring something new to the interior and, moreover, pamper yourself, your beloved, provide a pull-out shelf under one of the worktop drawers or get a high (bar) stool.


Hanging cabinets are located at least 450 mm from the level of the working surface, this is necessary so that all used electrical appliances (food processor, coffee maker, toaster, etc.) can easily fit on it. The height of standard cabinets is 600 mm, if necessary, you can purchase 900 mm ones. In typical apartments, they will be right under the ceiling. If even after that, not all things will find their place and the space allows you to move upward, we complete the composition with mezzanine shelves to the ceiling (closed or open) or a cornice with built-in lamps. Corner wall cabinets have either open shelves or a folding door, so all the contents are visible; the carousel shelf is remarkable for its capacity and convenience.

The distance between the work surface and hanging cabinets is called an apron. In relation to the work surface, the main thing for him is to harmonize in color and texture. For example: a glossy worktop and glazed tiles, a matt color of the worktop and a matt painted (pasted over with matt washable wallpaper, imitation tiles) apron.

Such concern for the image of the apron is due to the fact that it is designed to protect the wall from dirt, for example, from grease that has got on it, which should be washed off very easily. Often the working surface is overloaded with objects, the abundance of which creates a feeling of discomfort, we will unload it with an apron. We will attach the microwave oven to the brackets, arrange a spice parade on the baby shelves, and let the metal little things and knives hang on the magnetic panel. Nuance: a decorative corner (plinth) made of waterproof materials will protect the back surfaces of floor cabinets from moisture.

When installing standard furniture, narrow spaces may remain between individual elements, or between them and the wall, use them: build in a narrow shelf or table in this place. For example, a movable table will increase the useful surface and serve as a serving table.

A narrow cabinet is useful for storing cutting boards, towels, bottles. Select the materials for these built-in structures the same as for the main furniture. The kitchen furniture of natural hardwood looks impressive and respectable: oak, cherry, beech, walnut, with a work surface made of granite and marble.

State-of-the-art finishes are represented by metal coatings (stainless steel, aluminum) and fireproof glass. Inexpensive coatings are used: laminate, ceramic tiles, plastic. All of them are quite practical, differ in the methods of installation and operation: the laminate deforms from high temperatures, the tiles from the unsuccessful landing of a heavy pan can crack, the plastic is scratched, but, unlike laminate, it can withstand high temperatures, practically not deforming. No kitchen can do without silent helpers, such as a stove, refrigerator, and sink. The selection of equipment depends only on your preference. When the size of the kitchen is limited. The appliances and sink should be compact.

The shells come in a variety of sizes and shapes; in our opinion, a round stainless steel sink is better. Although it has a smaller volume than a square one, everyone who has ever used a similar one will agree that it is more convenient to wash and clean in it, moreover, it looks more aesthetically pleasing.


It is very convenient if a sink with auxiliary ribbed trays on which the dishes dry, while the water does not spread over the surface of the countertop, but gradually ends up in the sink. There are models in which the sink is complete with a dryer, but if you have a dishwasher, you can do without the latter. Instead, choose a sink with two additional compartments for soaking cutlery and rinsing washed dishes. The disadvantage of a combined multi-section sink is that it takes up too much space. If space permits, buy a wider 800 mm tabletop instead of a standard 600 mm tabletop. Then the part of the countertop in contact with the wall can be raised by 15-20 cm, and you will have a comfortable shelf. In addition, a special cavity with a depth of 20 cm can be installed under the worktop,allowing to hide the drainage equipment. As a result, we get an additional area under the sink, in which you can install a dishwasher, and place shelves for cleaning agents in the remaining space.

The main principle of sink placement is convenience. It should not be far from the stove and connected to it with a common work surface. If the kitchen is small and you planned it in one line (see the previous article), place the sink in the center and the refrigerator and stove on the sides. In larger kitchens, a sink in a corner looks good. The main advantage is space saving. A variant of the kitchen-island layout is possible, in this case the sink fits perfectly into the center of the composition.

Another essential detail of the kitchen interior is the stove. Modern stoves with burners and an oven have the same height as the furniture, so there are no problems with breaking a single horizontal work surface. If the stove still does not fit into this parameter, then it is preferable to select models with a hinged lid, which easily closes the burners at the end of cooking.

Built-in kitchen equipment is more expensive but also more convenient. You can apply, at your discretion, one or another combination of techniques. This principle is called 'dominoes'. Basic modules: gas and electric burners, oven, hob. Fans of cooking delicacies will install a grill, deep fryer, double boiler, and brazier. You are completely free in the flight of your imagination, and you can practically endlessly replenish your arsenal of kitchen innovations. Working with built-in modules is practical, because you will use a minimum of utensils and maximum cooking pleasure. The hoods, which is important, are also built-in; they absorb smoke and soot in the horizontal, not in the vertical direction. A significant disadvantage that does not allow many to purchase exactly built-in equipment is its high cost.

A small refrigerator, like a washing machine, can be placed under the work surface. If you are looking for a large refrigerator, be sure to consider the Law of Non-Disruptive Work when installing it.

You have taken care of all the components of the kitchen, and in the end, give it a little personal charm, because the appearance should reflect your personality traits.

Fantasy will tell you what decorative elements are appropriate for your interior, it can be flowers, paintings, earthenware sets or just beautiful trinkets. The designers of the best repair and construction companies will help you navigate the endless variety of kitchen furniture and household appliances. With their help, your kitchen will not only be convenient and comfortable, but also become a unique reflection of your personality.

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