How To Combine Kitchen And Dining Room

How To Combine Kitchen And Dining Room
How To Combine Kitchen And Dining Room

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Perhaps you have long been looking for an answer to the question of how to make the kitchen stop being an isolated room where women serve their labor service. The answer is simple: down with all the walls, especially since the layout of most of our types allows you to partially or completely destroy the barriers between the kitchen and the next room. Recently, almost all options for redevelopment of apartments are not complete without a functional connection of the kitchen and dining room. The combined space creates a large room where you can not only cook, but also communicate with households and guests.


Do not be afraid to demolish an extra partition or move it to another place is not technically difficult, any good repair and construction company will help you with this. Of course, you will have to give up such a familiar atmosphere of kitchen gatherings, but now it is not 70-80s, the motto of the coming millennium is more air and light. An example is the redevelopment of a 4-room apartment in a typical panel multi-entrance building built in the early 70s. What did we have before the reconstruction? 68 square meters, cut into rooms-pieces, plus a 6-meter kitchen, the path to which ran from the hallway along a narrow corridor, past a separate bathroom. As you can see from the diagram, this is not very convenient. The kitchen does not have enough space for eating, and the route to the dining room is tiring. In this case, the owners made the only correct decision: they removed the wall.

The result is obvious, now the kitchen-dining room is the highlight of this apartment. The only drawback of such a radical redevelopment is that you lose an isolated room, which could be a bedroom or a nursery. If this problem is not relevant for you, and you have at least two more isolated spaces, as in this case, feel free to remove the extra wall. At the same time, you can save on buying a TV, tape recorder and dining table specially for the kitchen.

So, you made up your mind, and the wall between the kitchen and the dining room was torn down, the kitchen became an organic part of the common space. What is the preferred layout of the work area now? The layout of the kitchen-island will fit well into the open spaces, which is suitable for people who love to cook, and who, among other things, also have a living room. We also advise you to pay attention to the corner (L-layout), in this case you will have the opportunity not only to conveniently separate the recreation area from the working area, but also place it on the last breakfast rack. The layout is very aesthetically pleasing in one line, which makes the most of the free space for the dining room.

Zoning two functionally different areas - the kitchen and the dining room - is a must. How to separate the work area from the dining area? We will give several examples - constructive and aesthetic. The border between the zones can be distinguished by the difference in floor level, for example, make several steps in front of the entrance to the kitchen. Suspended ceilings, arched openings, protruding structures, columns - everything can be used for zoning. It is good to use different floor coverings in two different areas. Combinations of tiles in the kitchen and parquet or linoleum in the dining room. Choose individual color compositions for each zone. It interestingly emphasizes the difference in space and the lighting solution of the interior, in the kitchen you can use halogen lamps and spotlights, but give the dining room daylight and general lighting in the evening.Decorate the windows individually for each functional space.

Keep in mind that now, in a larger space, kitchen furniture and equipment will look different, now it is all in the palm of your hand, and every defect is visible. Therefore, think carefully about the design and interior of the working area. If you are not satisfied with the very presence of kitchen parts in the field of view, then with the help of small technical tricks you can remove this minus too. For example, use plastic sliding doors: along the entire work surface, install two guides, an upper and a lower one, along them, after finishing cooking, you can easily pull out the door, thereby covering all kitchen furniture. In the assembled state, this door looks like a decorative panel, behind which various items can be stored that have not found their place in the cabinets; when closed, it becomes the wall of the dining room. You can also use portable partitions,which will also cover the working half from views if it is located in one of the corners of the kitchen-dining room.

A very interesting solution is to install a bar counter on the border of different zones. It will not only become the central element of the room, but also cover the sink, stove, household cabinets. There are two ways to place the bar. The simpler one is to make it on the remains of the former wall. In this case, the wall between the kitchen and the room is not completely removed, a passage is made (which can later be designed as an arch), and a 900 mm high parapet is cut from the rest of the wall, which is then sheathed with some material. But such a stand is decorative, it is convenient to have breakfast, drink beer on it, it does not carry any other functional load. If this does not suit you, make a bar, so to speak, without a foundation. In this case, you will have the opportunity to equip it inside, it will have, as it were, two faces.From the side of the dining room there will be high (bar) stools, and from the side of the kitchen you can put a refrigerator, wine boxes in it, if you wish, you can install a sink and a stove in the rack.

Placement in the dining area of ​​a dining table, sofa, armchairs, household electrical equipment, etc. depends only on you, your habits and taste. It is only important that the interiors of the kitchen and dining room complement each other smoothly.

A free open plan is not always possible in small city apartments, where isolation is a condition of comfort. It is possible to create a kitchen-dining room interior in a relatively small area. For example, instead of a regular headset, use so-called mini-kitchens. Where, in a small area, all the main working components of the hostess are located: a sink, a dryer, a stove, several cupboards for dishes and cereals. Some models of mini-kitchens are no larger than a dining table (170 cm by 90 cm).

At the same time, it is very easy to separate the working area with the already mentioned partition from the recreation area, which will occupy all the remaining space. On it you can easily place a dining table with a sofa and other necessary pieces of furniture. For convenience, hang the TV on the brackets, thereby freeing up some more much-needed space.

Even if now you do not have enough territory for all the components of the kitchen-dining room, and it is impossible to demolish the wall due to the fact that it is capital, do not despair. Take a closer look at your apartment, perhaps there are places in it where you could carry out your venture. For example, a living room. Moving the kitchen here gives you space for both the kitchen and the dining room. It is very convenient for receiving guests and family dinners. The advantage of the transfer is that in the space previously occupied by the kitchen, you will get a perfectly isolated bedroom or nursery. A significant disadvantage of such a redevelopment is the transfer of water and gas pipelines (if any), but this is being solved. Basically, if you are unpretentious in food, and you need a seating area more, then a kitchen cabinet will look good in the new space.It is placed in a nook or in any corner of the former living room and is an isolated area with a refrigerator, microwave oven, dishwasher and a couple of shelves for kitchen utensils; it is connected to the dining room by a window - a bar counter.

There are many options for how to make and equip a kitchen-dining room, the only and significant disadvantage of all this redevelopment is its cost. But if she does not scare you - go for it, especially since psychologists have proven that it is simply necessary to make changes in your home every 5 years.

Many are stopped by the fact that, apart from a kitchen and one room, they have nothing in their apartment. Remember the motto of the coming millennium - act! In modern housing, only really necessary bulkheads should remain. The kitchen-dining room is not the limit, imagine how a kitchen-dining room-living room, or a kitchen-dining room-hallway, or a common single living space will look in your apartment.

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