From Bath To Pool - One Step

From Bath To Pool - One Step
From Bath To Pool - One Step
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Do you like to swim? Personally, I have been going to the pool all my life and, I must say, I noticed a strange pattern: almost always in shallow water, groups of men and women gather at the side of the bank, talking sweetly about life, politics, travel. At first I was perplexed: why go somewhere, spend money and time, undress, climb into rather cool water - and all in order to … talk. Only over time it became clear that the pool is a kind of club of interests, where people gather for the sake of pleasure and interesting communication.


Today it is quite possible to arrange such a club in a country house by installing a mini-pool there. Just imagine: instead of swimming in a muddy pond or river, you will comfortably bask in crystal-clear water, to your favorite music, with a glass of champagne in hand, surrounded by good friends, while feeling the bubbling jets pleasantly caressing your back. Well, what else does a person need to be happy?

It turned out that such mini-pools of the Finnish Novitek trademark, together with hydromassage baths and showers, are offered on our market by the Pelican company. This pool "Arizona" measuring 196 x 195 cm and a round pool "Atlas" with a diameter of 233 cm. kills almost all bacteria and microbes, and the water changes only once every two months. The pool also has a water heater and, which is very convenient, an electronic control panel. With its help, you can program the operation of the pool for a week in advance. This means that at any convenient time you and your friends will have a great vacation. If you prefer to relax and de-stress alone,it is better to get a hot tub.


Swimming pool "Atlas", 196 x 195 cm

Imagine a thermal geyser in which healing warm water is constantly bubbling. The hydromassage bath is based on the same principle. The water jet is knocked out under high pressure from a small nozzle hole and pleasantly massages the strained muscles. Moreover, three types of massage are possible: hydromassage (water), air massage (air) and turbopul (both at the same time). Naturally, there are many companies on the capital market that offer their clients whirlpool baths. How do you know which bath is good and which is not? The firm "Pelican" helped us to figure it out, in the range of which there are many hydromassage baths. And here's what we learned.

The whirlpool tub can be made of cast iron. But still, most often they are made of acrylic: it is easier for this material to give any desired shape. That is why the design of acrylic bathtubs is unmatched. In addition, the acrylic bathtub is easy to clean.

But, as it turned out, acrylic and acrylic are different. And the hot tubs made from it also vary. Finnish bathtubs of the Novitek and Scanpool trademarks, whose products are represented on our market by Pelikan, are made of a durable material - sanitary acrylic 5 mm thick. According to Finnish manufacturers, if you get up and jump into such a bath, the bottom will not deform or crack. In addition, an all-metal frame runs along the entire perimeter of the bath. For many manufacturers, the bath frame consists of separate sections that are not connected to each other. Some bathtubs, in extreme cases, are "reinforced" only with legs under the bottom. So, a one-piece frame is better: it provides greater stability, distributing the load evenly.


Scanpool firm. Bath "Omega", diameter 170 cm

Moreover, the frame of the Finnish baths of the Novitek and Scanpool brands is absolutely not subject to corrosion, because it is made of duralumin. And this is also very important. After all, condensation collects under the bathroom, and if the frame is made of steel, sooner or later it will rust.

These hot tubs are very easy to operate. They can be switched on with an electronic switch or “manually” (pneumatic control for economy class baths). Depending on the volume of the bath, the Novitek and Scanpool models are equipped with one or more air supply regulators. The regulator works as follows: a water jet comes out of the nozzles, and as the regulator is opened, air is added to the jet. Massage without air is softer, and with air - more severe. By the way, the Finnish hot tubs are equipped with an electronic water level sensor. Thanks to this, the hydromassage will never start until the water rises 5–8 cm above the nozzles. This device protects the bath from running dry.

And one more important detail. It is believed that you should not wash yourself with soap in hot tubs. However, according to experts, this is not entirely true. Of course, soap can accidentally get into the nozzles. But this is very easy to deal with. First, you can buy a special disinfectant liquid. And secondly, you can order an automatic disinfection device. How does it work? A special container is installed under the bathroom. There it is necessary to periodically fill in a disinfectant liquid diluted in the right proportions with water. A separate touch control is installed, which, as the bath is filled, injects liquid through the nozzles. So, when the bath is completely filled, you need to turn on the hydromassage and let it run for 2-3 minutes. After that, the water should settle for 10-15 minutes, then it must be drained.And you can be sure that all bacteria will be destroyed. Disinfection is enough to carry out once after five baths. And the liquid itself is enough for 7-8 cleanings.

Now about the design. The nozzles are made of brass and are available in chrome, bronze and white. Economy-class bathtubs are made of plastic, and the price is immediately significantly reduced. 24K gold-plated nozzles can be produced if desired. And on order, you can make a backlight or "spread" LEDs from 50 to 130 pieces along the bottom. When turned off, they are practically invisible, but when you take a bath, the bottom shimmers in different colors. By the way, the backlight will also work only after the bath is filled with water. Additionally, you can install micro-injectors that help in the treatment of osteochondrosis and radiculitis. They have a different arrangement: either a triangle (two at the top, one at the bottom), or in two vertical rows. On rectangular models, they can be installed on both sides of the bath. For a large bath with a lot of nozzles,install an additional engine. On a bathtub, where one engine is provided, a mechanical switch is usually installed, which includes either hydromassage or micro nozzles.


Swimming pool "Arizona", diameter 233 cm

In addition, custom made Finnish hot tubs are equipped with water heaters. True, they are not designed for heating cold water (for example, in the summer, when hot water is turned off), but for maintaining the optimal water temperature directly during the hydromassage. The fact is that hydromassage is best done at a temperature of 38–40 ° C. So when the water starts to cool down and the temperature drops, for example, to 35 ° C, the heater turns on automatically. Heaters come in three different capacities: 1.5 kW, 3 kW and 6 kW, so you need to choose them depending on the volume of the bathroom. By the way, if the first two types operate on a voltage of 220 V, then the latter already needs 380 V.

The Finns complete their whirlpool baths with Danish mixers from Damiksa. And "Novitek" and "Scanpool", in turn, meet the needs of customers. At the factory, the mixer will be installed on the bathtub wherever the customer wishes. By the way, few manufacturers work in this way.

The so-called basic model of Finnish hot tubs is made of white acrylic. However, custom made bathtubs of different colors and even from a special material "like a stone", which consists of 50% natural stone and 50% - of a binder. The lead time for the order is two to three weeks, depending on its complexity. Moreover, during this time, the bath will not only be made, but also delivered to the buyer. By the way, we were told that not a single company in Moscow works so fast.

Everything is great, but you, for example, do not want to relax, but on the contrary - to cheer up? Then you rather need a shower. Of course, they also come in a variety of sizes, modifications and with a different set of functions. The Novitek brand, which is represented by Pelican, produces 4 types of shower cabins: a simple basic model (in which there is nothing more than a mixer and a shower rack), models with hydromassage, models with a steam generator (that is, a Turkish bath) and a combined version - Turkish bath with hydromassage.

Just as with hot tubs, showers vary in quality and you need to know how to choose them. What do you need to know? First of all, you need to distinguish between shower cabins and shower enclosures - these are two different things. The shower enclosure is a one-piece structure that has a back wall, doors and a shower tray. The shower cubicle can be placed in the bathroom wherever you wish. And the shower enclosure consists only of a tray and doors, and it can only be installed in the corner of the bathroom.

In Novitek shower enclosures, the back wall is made of one piece sanitary acrylic, rather than several panels. The cast pallet is additionally reinforced. This is why these cabins are much stronger and safer.

Moreover, the frame of the Finnish shower cabins is made of a duralumin profile, which firmly holds the entire structure. And, which is also important, it does not rust. Profiles can be white, chrome or gold plated. The doors are made of safety glass: even if it breaks with a very strong impact, they cannot get hurt.

The simple, so-called basic model, in addition to walls and doors, includes a mixer and an Oras shower set. By the way, you can additionally order a transparent dome. (It is necessarily included in the set of booths with a Turkish bath and hydromassage.) A booth with a hydromassage is practically no different from a simple one, however, there are 8 side nozzles on the back wall: four on each side and three for massage of the shoulder girdle. And, of course, there is a mixer and a shower rack. All functions are not related to each other in any way and work separately. One or another function can be adjusted manually, using the so-called “rotary knob”, which is an additional advantage of these models: the manual cab does not need to be connected to electricity. It is enough to bring a water supply system, a siphon - and that's it, the cabin can be used.

The third model is with a Turkish bath. The steam generator is built into the rear wall. Such a cabin must be connected to electricity. In addition, a small electronic remote control is installed here, with which you can adjust the temperature - from 35 to 50 ° С - and set the required time - from 5 to 60 seconds. Naturally, the remote control also includes the "bath" function. After switching off the steam generator will drain the water automatically.

And, finally, the fourth model is a combined option: a steam generator with hydromassage. This is the most expensive model. But there is more pleasure: you can take a shower, take a steam bath, and thoroughly massage the body.

… And yet, what to choose - a swimming pool, a hot tub or a shower cabin? Perhaps there is no panacea here and, of course, there cannot be. Everything decides your needs and, of course, possibilities. But, believe me, you only need to choose a quality product from a reliable manufacturer.

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