Redevelopment Of The Bathroom

Redevelopment Of The Bathroom
Redevelopment Of The Bathroom

Video: Redevelopment Of The Bathroom

Video: Redevelopment Of The Bathroom
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Do you remember how in the bestseller of our national cinema, the film "Ivan Vasilyevich Changes His Profession", the progressive but unrecognized scientist Shurik Timofeev miraculously evaporated the wall between his apartment and the living space of the dentist Shpak "acquired by overwork"? Georges Miloslavsky, who came to Shpak so successfully, was literally stunned by the blatant arbitrariness of Comrade Timofeev. Excuse me, where are the necessary permits and documents, where are the visas and higher-ranking signatures of the various Moscow housing authorities? However, the life of a movie hero is an hour and a half of screen time, and we intend to live in our apartment longer and quieter, and therefore we will go the other way - boring, but the only correct one - we will do everything as it should be.

So, redevelopment. How long can you walk aimlessly down the hallway from bathroom to toilet and from toilet to bathroom? Our goal is a spacious combined bathroom. In order to bring your bold vision to fruition, the following steps must be taken.

1. Embody all the futuristic ideas on paper in the form of a "sketch or redevelopment project". Anyone who hasn't studied drawing can hire a designer.

2. With this sketch, you go to the district BTI (Bureau of Technical Inventory), orally state your idea and receive a floor plan with an explication (decoding of the area of the apartment) of the room that needs to be rebuilt. To do this, in turn, you must provide:

Passport with registration or documents confirming ownership; application for the implementation of the floor plan and explication. Forms are issued there.


If you are a legal entity and suddenly decide to rebuild the toilet, say, in the Kremlin, then you need to provide a letter of guarantee (in duplicate) signed by the chief executive and the chief accountant on letterhead indicating: type of work; object addresses; the number of copies of the plan and all the same explication; bank details; contact phone numbers of the responsible person from the applicant. If you have only one individual and a bathroom is in your apartment, then you will not need any letter of guarantee.

The services of BTI specialists should be paid for. At the same time, having experienced a feeling of joy, since the BTI is almost the only official institution in Moscow that calculates at pre-crisis prices. Judge for yourself - for drawing up a floor plan of the first category of complexity, you will pay 1 ruble 61 kopecks; the second category - 2 rubles 04 kopecks; the third - 2 rubles 57 kopecks. The price is for 10 square meters. Difficulty categories directly depend on the room in which you live. Redevelopment of an apartment in "Khrushchob" is, accordingly, the first category, in the "Stalinist" house - the second, in a modern new house - the third.

For one page of the explication you will be charged 7 rubles 62 kopecks.

ATTENTION! The validity period of these documents for individuals is 3 months from the date of production; for legal entities - 12 months. If you tuck your floor plan somewhere under the bed and only remember about it after six months, you must get the floor plan and explication again. BTI does not extend the "expired" documents, because it believes that during this time in the size of your apartment a lot could have changed!

If your patience has not yet burst on this, thank the BTI for the sympathy shown and move on. Your next step is a technical opinion.

3. The technical opinion on the possibility of carrying out construction work on redevelopment is given by the state organization "Moszhilniiproekt". (I clarify that a technical opinion is issued only if you have provided all the documents mentioned above.)

If the technical opinion is successfully received, your next tormentor is the district architect.

4. To obtain the longed-for consent of this deeply creative person, you must have in your hands:

- Your application.

- Floor plan (from BTI).

- A redevelopment project prepared in advance by you (the same sketch made by the designer).

If the architect gives the go-ahead, then we go further and deeper.

5. Now you find yourself in the clutches of SES (Sanitary and Epidemiological Surveillance) and the District Inspectorate of Pozhnadzor (Department of State Fire Supervision of the Department of Internal Affairs). You must obtain the consent of these authorities. Their compliance is almost guaranteed to you if you have provided all of the above documents from previous instances.

6. With all these documents, certificates and permits, you apply to your DEZ (Directorate of the Single Customer). You can't do without their consent either.

But that's not all.

7. With all of the above approvals, you go to your county State Housing Inspectorate. The goal is to get a positive response to your proposal. The proposal should be done like this:

- You must have a letter (application) in any form.

- The project agreed with the architect and the BTI floor plan.

- Coordination of sanitary and fire services.

- Consent of DEZ.

If the State Housing Inspectorate has agreed to everything, you go to the interdepartmental commission (IAC).

8. There you must write a statement indicating the reasons that prompted you to contact the IAC.

It is the MVK that will take care of your redevelopment in accordance with the order of the Mayor of Moscow Yu. M. Luzhkov dated November 11, 1994 (No. 560-RM) “On streamlining the transfer of residential premises to non-residential premises and execution of documents for permission to redevelop residential and non-residential premises in residential buildings ". (Clause 1.3. Reads: "Consideration of issues related to the redevelopment of residential and non-residential premises in residential buildings is assigned to the interdepartmental commissions of municipal districts (territorial administrations).")

Please note that MVK is not a 24-hour supermarket, so it meets 1-2 times a week. The interdepartmental commission, having studied the submitted documents and inspecting the object (that is, your apartment or house), makes a decision, which is formalized by an act.

9. Next, you go to the prefecture of your territorial district. Clause 2.4. of the above order of the mayor reads: "The final decision on the possibility of redevelopment of residential or non-residential premises is taken by the prefecture of the corresponding administrative district of Moscow and is formalized by the order of the prefect of the administrative district." Therefore, you should get an order from your county prefect.

10. And the last stage. When you have received all conceivable (and inconceivable) official papers and orders, brought in the builders and they destroyed the hated partition between the bathroom and the toilet, you must call a BTI employee to make changes to the floor plan. The employee is obliged to record the sudden death of your wall. To do this, you must provide to the BTI:

- Your application.

- Order of the prefect.

- Extract from the MVK.

- Redevelopment project approved by the IAC.

- Acceptance certificate of work (which must be provided to you by the BTI employee).

Finally! You can be congratulated: on completely legal grounds, you have received the long-awaited space and will no longer, if you suddenly have an itch, to run down the corridor from the bathroom to the toilet, frightening relatives and friends with your soapy naked body.

Suppose, in the process of combining a bathroom, you have a passion for further transforming the space and now you want to cut a kitchen to the bathroom or turn the kitchen into a living room, or make a tennis court out of two rooms … Wait a minute! Not every wall can be removed. Under no circumstances should the supporting structures be demolished! (After all, your plans, apparently, do not yet include the "combined with the neighbors downstairs" bedroom?)

Each redevelopment project is strictly individual. It is the MVK that will point out those walls (interior partitions) that in no case should be "moved". Moreover, it happens that not all members of the commission agree with the decision on redevelopment. In this case, they express their opinion in writing, which is drawn up in a separate document and attached to the act. Like it or not, you have to obey the MVK.

At the same time, please note that "redevelopment of residential and non-residential premises in residential buildings is allowed only within the total area of the premises indicated (by you)."

So, having destroyed someone else's wall, the scientist Shurik made several serious mistakes. That is why he was warned: “Comrade Timofeev! Answer the wall according to the law! And the law has always been harsh in our God-saved Fatherland.

Article 84 of the Housing Code of the RSFSR "Reorganization and redevelopment of living quarters" reads: "Reorganization, redevelopment of living quarters and auxiliary premises can be carried out only in order to improve the improvement of the apartment and are allowed only with the consent of the tenant (that is, you), adult members of his family, the renter (housing maintenance organization) and local governments (territorial administration, prefecture, etc.).

Disputes arising in connection with the refusal of the landlord, tenant or members of his family to carry out the reconstruction or redevelopment of the premises are resolved in court, if the permission of the local administration is available for the reconstruction or redevelopment. That is, if, for example, your mother-in-law took the all-round defense of a separate bathroom and stood up to defend the unfortunate wall, and you have all the necessary documents, permits and approvals, then you can safely sue your beloved relative. The court will acquit you.

On the other hand, the law is implacable: "An employer who has committed an unauthorized reconstruction or redevelopment of a residential or utility room is obliged to bring this room back to its previous state at his own expense." “Ha,” you say, “how can you force me to bring my apartment back to its previous state, and even at my expense? The wrong one was attacked! " And you will be wrong.

If the employees of the housing maintenance organization nevertheless find out about the pool you have constructed without permission in the "illegally re-planned" bathroom and about the unwillingness to drain this pool at their first request and at their own expense - you will not escape problems. "Rules for the use of living quarters, maintenance of a residential building and the adjoining territory of the RSFSR" (as amended by Resolutions of the Government of the Russian Federation of July 23, 1993 No. 726) will put you in such a position that you will curse the day when you decided to violate them.

And the last thing. If you do not have free time, desire, strength and other vital resources to survive this torment, there is a way out. And, as always, simple. We must give money! Who? Yes, in any BTI on the wall there is a list of telephones of absolutely non-state enterprises that want to take over for money that they consider small, EVERYTHING. And since you now know how much they will have to sweat to earn their hard work dollar, it is best to immediately contact them and turn.

Attention! The above prices are given at the time of writing and are subject to change