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Video: Interior Partitions
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Having lived most of our life in typical apartments, popularly called "mousetraps" or "pencil cases", we never ceased to admire the large spaces of living quarters in western construction. Today we no longer have this. Our apartments have become more comfortable and larger, and with certain financial investments, they are simply huge. But sometimes even in such huge apartments something fetters us. It seems that there is a lot of space, and the furniture is selected with taste, not to mention the design - Yes, there is a lot of space, but there is room !?


Traditionally, three quarters of the premises in a house or apartment have doors. We want to "soar", but we constantly grab the doorknobs and bump into the walls. Gradually, this begins to annoy, and there is a desire to urgently re-plan the apartment so that the feeling of constriction disappears. But don't be in a hurry. It may be enough to replace some doors with sliding doors, and install sliding partitions between the zones, and then it will be possible to change the layout of the apartment depending on the circumstances and mood. After all, sliding partitions can turn any room into a single flowing space, which we sometimes lack so much.

Partitions, and they are sliding, folding and stationary, generally differ only in design, since their function is one transformation of space. Today it is a favorite technique in architecture that allows you to create the feeling of large areas, to increase comfort, even in small apartments.

Any partition is, first of all, a canvas from floor to ceiling, made of durable material (metal or wood), well-designed and most often glazed. If light, durable and very thin glass of the automobile type is used, which does not break into small parts, then the partition can consist of a whole glass array. The number of partitions, sections in partitions depends on the design capabilities of the profile.

The partition wall can consist of several equally or differently large glass inserts. This brings variety to their designs. But the more articulations, the heavier the partition becomes, especially the wooden one. Therefore, in some cases, not all sections are filled with glass. Such a "semi-air partition" will harmonize well with the kitchen and dining area, which are a single whole.

Let's make a reservation right away, sliding partitions are of two types: single-rail and double-rail. The first ones are much more comfortable (you don't have to spoil the floor in order to install an additional rail), although they do not provide absolute sound insulation (there is a gap between the floor and the partition), but you must agree that this is not at all necessary in all rooms of the apartment. Therefore, they are used in noisy areas: lobby, kitchen, dining room, living room, playroom.

When we push apart the partitions, it seems that the walls disappear and a huge space appears, which is visible at a glance. And then, without leaving the kitchen area, you can watch the children, greet guests and at the same time give valuable instructions on how to set the table for a festive dinner. At the same time, the living room, where one of the family members watches TV, can be temporarily isolated.

In a quiet area where the bedroom is located, sliding partitions or sliding doors are most often used to separate the dressing room from the bedroom or the bedroom from the bathroom.

If the sliding partitions cover the space completely, then the stationary ones only serve to indicate different functions of the same room. For example, such a partition (glass, solid wood or carved, plaster, etc.) separates the kitchen area from the dining area, and from the kitchen side it is used as an additional wall on which kitchen accessories, beautiful dishes, and small interior items are conveniently placed.


If your house has a winter garden, then two small glass stationary partitions can serve as a conditional boundary for it, without disturbing the interior.

Stationary partitions are widely used to allocate a computer area in any part of the apartment.

As for the bathrooms, shower partitions are most often installed here, which are attached to the wall and floor. They are transparent and separate the cockpit from the rest of the room. Glass-filled aluminum partitions will separate toilet and bathroom, bathroom and boudoir. In addition to stationary and sliding partitions in bathrooms, decorative partitions made of bricks or special plasterboard lined with ceramic tiles are used. Forms and finishes can be very diverse (semicircular, curly, with stained glass inserts, mirrors, etc.), it all depends on the imagination of the author who creates the interior.

Today, interior partitions and sliding doors from Germany, Spain, Finland, Italy and other manufacturing countries are presented on the domestic market, and each factory produces both sliding and stationary models to meet all requirements.

The products of Italian factories are in great demand among Russian buyers. It has a modern design, fits into any interior and is quite affordable. This especially applies to the products of the RIMADESIO factory. What caused this universal recognition?

First of all, design. It is plain, veneered or brushed aluminum filled with glass. Aluminum in the interior looks great. As for glass, there seems to be no limit to the imagination of manufacturers. It can be transparent, matte (there are several degrees of matte), including glossy matte, matte and shiny color. Even the option of double-sided glass is possible, when on one side it is frosted, and on the other is mirrored (other combinations are also possible). Agree, this is very convenient, because a sliding partition often works for two different rooms, and each has its own design features.

RIMADESIO partitions are single-rail and have several suspension systems. The canvases, and there are several of them, if the opening is very large, can move one after the other, move apart on both sides, go into the wall (this requires a special structure in the wall). There are even combined options, when one side is stationary, and the other is in the form of an accordion. And what is most convenient, the partitions have several module options, which allows them to be used in various types of apartments.

In the stationary version, they will decorate the bedrooms, fencing off the dressing table, the library, somewhat isolating the study area, etc. Since the partitions can be made of metal and glass, they are also used in bathrooms.

The products of the MOVI factory are quite rich in design. These are also single-rail partitions, but they use more wood, and the main "highlight" is colored glass, from which whole compositions are made. Such a partition creates a certain mood, and the ability to select a variety of colors allows you to use it both in the dining-living area and in the nursery.

The LONGHI factory produces not only aluminum, but also wooden single-rail partitions filled with single-massive or sectional frosted glass. The find of this factory is the use of striped frosted glass with transparent stripes, which imitates blinds.

The products of the LA MURRINA factory are considered a real exclusive. The combination of wood and Murano glass makes the partitions sophisticated and somewhat mysterious. They can decorate the living room, dining room, bedroom, create an atmosphere of joy and magic in the apartment. LA MURRINA sliding partitions are great both open and closed.

Some factories manufacture partitions according to individual projects, fulfilling almost fantastic wishes of the customer. Such partitions have an original and rather complex design. There is, for example, a variant of a double partition, in the middle of which there are remotely controlled blinds. Such a partition has good sound insulation, so it is better to use it not in functional areas, but rather to separate rooms.

A true masterpiece is a partition with glass filled with gas, which can also be filled with it remotely, as if enveloping you in a light haze, and again becomes transparent.

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