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If an employee does not have time to complete everything planned during the working day, this does not always mean that he is a bad employee. The reason for this may be an inconvenient workplace, which forces him to make a lot of unnecessary movements. Perhaps it never occurred to you that by filling your office with furniture inherited from more successful companies or collected from the warehouse of a closed factory, you thereby harm your own business. Only because of the wrong organization of work, you have to hire more employees than is really necessary for the normal functioning of the company, and spend on their maintenance the funds that could go to the development of the company.


Time is money, health too

What else are you trying to save by depriving yourself and your employees of normal working conditions? First, on the efficiency and quality of the work performed. Secondly, the health of your employees, whose disability will cost you dearly. Hygienic and sanitary standards for the organization of workplaces are closely related to the physical parameters of the average person. For example, over the past decades, the acceleration of the active working-age part of society has been noticed, which, of course, influenced the height of the desktop. The number of operations that one person performs at the workplace has increased: he works at a computer, writes, negotiates - he needs a much larger work surface. The person becomes the center of the system, which was created for his convenience.Manufacturers of such goods are trying to anticipate the demand of tomorrow and already today offer furniture that matches the office of the XXI century.

Mobility and functionality

An average workplace includes a desk and computer desks, chair / chair and accessories. But this set varies depending on the functional needs of a particular worker and the technical equipment of his workplace. Office interior designers claim that the requirements of their customers from different industries are not much different. The exception is the places of tellers, cashiers, security guards and sellers. The most difficult task is to correctly place everything you need in small areas, taking into account the rules of ergonomics and user convenience.


The peculiarity of the transformation of residential premises into offices, which is so characteristic of St. Petersburg, determines the need to fit workplaces into the so-called birdhouses. The advantage today is on the side of inexpensive modular designs. For example, 40 units of any modern series made in Poland, Italy, France are the basis for designing in a small space. To solve the problem of saving space and convenience of the workplace, accessories that are attached to the table top will help: lighting fixtures, stands and shelves, the height and location of which are easily adjustable, a pull-out panel for the keyboard, as well as the efficient use of wall surfaces or office partitions.

The modularity of modern office partitions provides new possibilities for separating work spaces and improving sound insulation. We only add that each workplace should be completed according to the individual characteristics of its user.


The minimum service life of office furniture is on average 5 years, depending on the quality. Therefore, the price indicator of a competent leader fades into the background. Unfortunately, the domestic industry is not ready to offer high-quality office furniture today. The low price of Russian products is often explained by the rapid loss of their already unpresentable appearance.


High design style and high quality products can be provided by large Italian, French, German manufacturers. For their products, they use modern materials and high manufacturing technologies. The new countertop finishes are extremely durable, allowing manufacturers to provide a 5-year warranty on their products. High precision manufacturing of metal supports and fasteners allows the user to repeatedly disassemble and reassemble his furniture. In the manufacture of armchairs and chairs, modern durable and light alloys are used. Chairs and chairs become not only lighter and more graceful, but also stronger and more durable. Strength, stability, mobility and ease of use are the demands of the office of the century to come.


When talking about the safety of office furniture, you need to consider:

  • Environmental safety, which is monitored at the stage of product certification, this includes fire safety;

    Ergonomic safety, which is partly laid down in the design of furniture: softening corners, smooth surface, correct opening of doors and pulling out drawers, dimensions and strength - the rest depends on the correct organization of furniture in the interior of the office: the distance between adjacent tables, correctly sized work surfaces, high quality assembly;

    Finally, energy security. This means that the desktops have special cells for wires and inputs / outputs for office equipment. Concealed wiring carries not so much aesthetic functions as user safety functions.

Aesthetics of the future

The finished furniture is already endowed with characteristics: shape, color and, if you like, nationality, which is laid by the designers. However, modern developments tend to unify: the national boundaries of office design are erased, and functionality comes to the fore. When it turns into a philosophy of both furniture manufacturers and its consumers, the key to comprehending business success will be found. Only then will the cadres really decide everything.

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