How To Choose Upholstered Furniture

How To Choose Upholstered Furniture
How To Choose Upholstered Furniture

Video: How To Choose Upholstered Furniture

Video: How To Choose Upholstered Furniture
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Upholstered furniture in the traditional sense is a set consisting of a sofa and two armchairs. Sofas, ottomans, couches, armchairs, poufs, corner sofas and so on are also classified as upholstered furniture.


Upholstered furniture is designed for the relaxation of the owners of the house and their guests and is most often installed in the living room. A small decorative table complements the seating area.

Modern sets of upholstered furniture can be any combination of free-standing elements, for example: a three-seater sofa, an armchair and an ottoman; two double sofas; three-seater sofa and three armchairs; two armchairs, or they can form a whole conglomerate, which has an angular shape and occupies half of the living room area. You can choose a huge sofa, consisting of six segments, each of which is a completely independent thing and can be operated both separately and as a whole. Upholstered furniture can be purchased as a set or piece by piece.

Sofas, armchairs and poufs are sometimes equipped with wheels, and then they can be moved and installed anywhere in the house. Such "mobile" furniture is now in vogue.

Before buying a kit you like, you need to personally make sure that it is comfortable to sit on. The level of comfort of upholstered furniture and its price depend both on the technology of its manufacture and on the quality and set of materials used.

Natural materials are considered the best stuffing for sofas and armchairs: batting, felt, down and feathers. In mass production, foam rubber and foamed synthetic materials (polyurethane, synthetic winterizer, etc.) are widely used. Upholstered furniture is good, in which different materials are located in layers. Spring blocks are often used in the stuffing of upholstered furniture.

Upholstery of upholstered furniture can be made of both fabric and leather. Modern upholstery fabrics are very diverse. It can be artificial velvet or velor with special impregnations, tapestry, jacquard, chinilla, etc. Pile fabrics that wear out quickly and require careful maintenance are gradually falling out of fashion.

Upholstered furniture with leather upholstery is usually the most expensive and prestigious. Leather for the production of furniture requires high quality, this is a guarantee that the furniture will last a long time. Cracks and abrasions appear on poorly selected skin after a couple of years of use. Leatherette is very rarely used in the production of home furniture.

The mechanisms for transforming sofas and armchairs can be different. There are more than a dozen of them in total, but conditionally these systems can be divided into three main groups. "Book" - a mechanism that pushes the seat halfway and reclines the back. "Folding bed" - a mechanism that folds into a sleeping place and is located under the seat. Roll-out - when the plane is pulled out of the sofa, and the difference in height with the main one is compensated by pillows.

Before purchasing a sofa, you need to open it several times to make sure that the folding mechanism works well.

Covers for upholstered furniture will save you from monotony when you get bored and want to change. Removable fabric covers can be ordered with the furniture. Now in fashion covers and upholstery made of fur a la leopard or spotted cow.

The style of upholstered furniture should match the overall style of your living room. In a classic interior with walls, sideboards, chests of drawers and bookcases, sofas and armchairs of lush, rounded shapes with wooden armrests or decorative overlays look good. In a modern interior, objects of light, elegant design without unnecessary decorations are appropriate.

The color range of upholstered furniture can be different. As an upholstery, you can choose a bright elegant fabric of green, blue, yellow, red or natural leather in pastel shades of the beige and chocolate spectrum.

The lifespan of upholstered furniture is usually about 10 years; exclusive furniture with a solid wood frame, leather upholstery and expensive filling can last much longer.

Some manufacturers of upholstered furniture give a guarantee for all products (usually a year and a half) or for individual structural elements: some companies offer a 5-year guarantee for the frame, others for the fabric.

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