Blinds - Stylish And Effective

Blinds - Stylish And Effective
Blinds - Stylish And Effective

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In our films about their lives, there was always another unrevealed villain who watched the movement of the hero through the slits of the blinds. At the same time, he, as a rule, smiled ominously and rubbed his hands carnivore. The villain was exposed, the homeland could sleep peacefully, but as a result, for a certain part of the population, blinds have long been a symbol of Western culture, along with Mickey Mouse and chewing gum.


Now Mickey Mouse has become practically uninteresting, the number of varieties of chewing gum in a single kiosk exceeds the number of fingers on the hands, and most importantly, blinds have become a familiar and convenient replacement for not always practical curtains for us. What are these blinds? All their variety is divided into two large groups: vertical and horizontal blinds. As you already understood, the difference here is in the location of the slats: in the first case, they go from top to bottom, in the second - from right to left, or vice versa, if you are left-handed or speak Arabic.


These are the classic ones that make it so good to spy on. They are made of plastic or aluminum, often powder coated. Most firms provide various discounts if a client makes a large order.


In their manufacture, two types of material are usually used: fabric or plastic. Both materials look pretty tempting. Both do not require special care, with the only difference that you can periodically wipe the plastic blinds with a damp cloth, and you can also wash the fabric blinds, but, of course, not in the washing machine, but in the bathroom, using a brush.

True, we hasten to please you: almost all fabric blinds belong to the category of water and grease repellent, so you will have to wash extremely rarely. Plastic vertical blinds will also last a long time. They will not peel off, will not warp from the high temperature, and will retain their shape for a long time. The total price for vertical blinds fluctuates: depending on the material and the ordered volume, the price may increase or decrease. On average, plastic blinds are more expensive than fabric blinds, but if you still decide to choose a fabric, be prepared for the fact that for some types of fabric you will have to pay a tidy sum.

The colors of the ordered blinds will play an important role in the design of your apartment or office. Samara firms offer a huge number of all kinds of colors and their shades. A number of companies even provide services for ordering blinds of the desired color, even if it is not in the range. Nevertheless, classic colors continue to be popular. Austere white blinds are perfect for the office and create a business atmosphere. Cream ones will organically fit into the cozy interior of the kitchen or any room. You can choose a color to match the wallpaper, or vice versa, contradicting the color scheme of the room. For a children's room, patterned blinds are preferable. It all depends on your imagination, we will only repeat the old slogan: "Create, invent, try."

For exotic lovers, you can also find something very special. Wooden blinds, of which there are only three machines in Russia. A living tree (Israeli cedar or Indonesian pine is used) will create a cozy rural atmosphere in your home.

Companies have a short time frame for installing blinds. If you wish, you can make the installation within two days, and often even on the day of order. But be sure to ask whether the installation is free of charge, since only a part of the companies will bear all the costs.


You can also purchase blinds that will protect you from unwanted intrusion. Safety shutters (otherwise referred to as roller shutters) are usually made of aluminum, although steel shutters can also be found. Their price is very variable and depends primarily on the volume of the order. Usually, after the necessary measurements, the information is entered into the computer, which gives the exact area of ​​the protective shutters. Depending on the wishes of the customer, it is possible to install manual or automatic lifting of the blinds.

The drives offered by the companies are almost all of German production, which already speaks of their excellent quality. You can use security shutters to block access to the office, protect glass windows, as an additional measure to protect your vacation home, etc. The main thing is not to accidentally forget the keys, so as not to feel the guaranteed high quality of the goods. And now, after reading this article, order blinds for yourself, install them at home, spread the plates with two fingers and, feeling like Bronev in the role of Mueller, look out suspiciously. Isn't Stirlitz walking there?

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