How To Cut Tile

How To Cut Tile
How To Cut Tile

Video: How To Cut Tile

Video: How To Cut Tile
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Tile cutting

Soak the tiles in water before cutting. Having kept it there for 40-60 minutes, you can cut it with a roller glass cutter. Then, aligning the notch line with the edge of the table, break the tile, it will disintegrate exactly along the notch line.

Wall glass or tile can be cut with a conventional roller glass cutter. Marking is done on the enamel with a soft pencil or marker. Then the tiles must be laid on a board or plywood so that the glass cutter cannot damage the table surface.

Basic cutting rules:

  • The cut line should be at least 1-0.8 cm from the edge of the tile. Only one incision is made. Pressing evenly on the glass cutter and rolling it from the far edge of the tile towards you so that a visible groove remains on the enamel.
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    In order to break the tile along the notch line, you need to put a match or a small nail under it and press lightly on both sides of the line. A tile cutter (tile cutter) is used to cut floor tiles. The main difference between this device and the glass cutter is that the tile cutter wheel is much larger in size (1.5 cm in diameter). This feature allows the cutter to puncture deeper. The tile cutter itself resembles tongs (see fig.), As it is equipped with a mechanism that allows you to break the tile after making an incision. It consists of a corner on the top of the forceps and a metal tooth on the bottom. To cut floor tiles, the corner must be made of metal! This is important as plt cutters with a plastic corner are available for sale. They are designed for cutting thinner wall tiles.

    As a rule, tile cutters are equipped with a metal ruler for the so-called serial cutting, that is, when it is necessary to cut tiles of the same size (for example, on a curb).

    A stationary tile cutter is available for sale. It allows you to cut tiles with less loss and more precision. The cutting technology is somewhat different: the tile is marked out, installed on the base, pressed tightly against the ruler-stop, cutting is carried out from oneself towards the ruler, the tile at the end of the cut breaks by light pressure on the lever using the corner located on the lever. A special tool (ballerina) is used to drill round holes in the tiles.

    Hole in the tile

    How to make a hole in a tile without breaking it? The simple way is as follows. Use the sharp end of the tap or the corner of the blade to remove the glaze with a chisel at the place of the future hole, lightly tapping the tool with a hammer. If the tile is glued to the wall, then the intended hole can be drilled with a hand drill (with an electric one, the speed is high) with a drill clamped in a chuck or a punch with victorious surfacing. In tiles that have not yet been installed on the wall, it is best to cut the hole by holding the drill just in your hand.

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