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Choosing windows for your home, the main thing is to correctly develop a search line. The fact is that there are many different models with different characteristics on the market now, but for an ignorant person, all this technical documentation, like a filkin's letter, is incomprehensible. Therefore, it is better, in our opinion, to be guided by your personal requirements and to stop the choice on the ability of a particular structure or material from which it is made. Our article will help you with this.

It is impossible to imagine a dwelling that has no connection with the outside world. The main guides to which, along with the entrance doors, are windows. Their quality depends not only on the external impression of the house, but also on its safety. What criteria must modern windows meet? Firstly, they must be attractive and easy to use, and secondly, it is good to protect the apartment from cold, wind, rain, pollution and intrusions of unauthorized persons. It is about such windows that guarantee the reliability, warmth and comfort of your home that we will tell you today.

External climatic conditions are very important in the glazing of living quarters. After all, windows that are suitable for mild climatic zones cannot be used in any way in the more northern regions in which we live. Therefore, the main parameter for our climatic zone will be the maximum thermal insulation qualities of window structures.

The higher the coefficient of thermal conductivity, the worse the window, the lower, the closer it is to ideal.

For our climatic conditions, triple-glazed windows are preferred. But they have a significant disadvantage: they are too bulky and difficult to seal. In our opinion, it is better to opt for more easy-to-care and dirt-proof glass units. They can be single-chamber (double glazing) and two-chamber (triple glazing). There is dried air inside the glass unit, which prevents the glass from fogging even at very low temperatures

If the main indicator for you remains the maximum thermal insulation parameters provided by triple glazing, we recommend using a glass plus insulating glass unit, which will be equivalent to triple glazing. For areas with more extreme weather conditions, it is best to use a double-glazed unit plus a double-glazed unit design. But it impairs the optical properties of glasses. The thermal insulation of windows will also be improved by special types of glass with metal spraying, which are inserted into double-glazed windows.

Another important quality of a window is its soundproofing ability. This is especially true for large cities with heavy car traffic, where the noise level is about 70 dB, and sometimes even more.

I am sure that this problem is familiar to many. And we still wonder where our stress and other ailments of the nervous system come from, if even at home we are not protected from harmful sound imbalance. Window manufacturers have recently made many inventions in this direction. These are thickened glass and, of course, special seals and gaskets, which are designed for various window elements, have a springy effect and resist the effects of noise, water and wind. Their use ensures the tightness of the entire structure. In many ways, the parameters of heat and sound insulation are the same. Therefore, double-glazed windows will also provide the best sound insulation.

So, we have chosen a window model that is suitable for us in terms of technical characteristics. The next thing we pay attention to is his external data. The most common materials for residential windows today are wood and its combinations with steel and aluminum, as well as compositions based on polyvinyl chloride (PVC). Pure metal and aluminum windows are used only in public and industrial buildings.

The main problem of wooden windows is the quality of wood and its processing. Insufficiently dried wood deforms over time, the gaps in the windows increase, and they turn into the main source of cold in the apartment. True, high-quality wooden windows do not suffer from this disease.

Despite the positive changes in the manufacture of wooden frames, PVC should still be considered the most promising material for this.

PVC profiles have high performance and aesthetic characteristics that will satisfy any, even the most demanding consumer. Their internal structure is a hollow structure, divided by ribs into compartments called chambers. Such a chamber system ensures the rigidity of the box and window frame, as well as heat and sound insulation of the room. When the temperature difference outside and indoors is 40 degrees, for example, 'minus 20' outside, 'plus 20' indoors, the temperature of the inner surface of the PVC profile is plus 15 degrees. In addition, PVC profiles are fireproof, they do not burn on their own at temperatures up to 480 degrees. The surfaces of PVC windows have a wide palette of colors, they can imitate various types of wood, which is very important when choosing interiors.

The use of PVC double-glazed windows in the glazing of windows and balconies will not only allow you to achieve maximum heat and sound insulation parameters, but also make your home more protected from polluted air. Plus, they're not easy to break. It is better to order such double and triple glass units according to the size of your windows from professionals who will not only complete the work on their manufacture in the shortest possible time, but also carry out their installation.

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