Installation Of Window Blocks

Installation Of Window Blocks
Installation Of Window Blocks
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Window blocks are attached depending on the material. Wooden corks made of antiseptic wood are laid in stone walls for fixing boxes. Wood-aluminum block boxes are fixed in the same way as wooden structures.

To fasten aluminum and steel window blocks in stone walls, metal parts are used to which the elements are welded, with their (elements) the blocks are attached.

Metal bindings are attached to the embedded parts of the wall panels and wind rails. The maximum height of the opening, which is filled with a window block, should not exceed 6 m.

Wooden structures in industrial buildings are attached to the walls with nails, which are hammered into the jamb.

To fill the window openings of industrial buildings, light-transmitting flat or corrugated sheets of polymer materials are mainly used. They are used in cladding walls made of asbestos cement, or profiled aluminum, or steel. They are fastened, like the wall ones.

Panels with a nominal size of 1.2x6 are made from transparent polymer sheets. the strapping of the panels is made from aluminum profiles, and the joints between the glass and the strapping are sealed with mastic. The panels are hung on columns and attached in the same way as wall panels.


Carefully lift the block and install it in the opening. The block is fixed in accordance with the material from which the binding is made. In modern plastic windows, the window block is mounted on special metal fasteners. And the opening between the wall and the window structure must be caulked with special construction foam.

As soon as the block is fixed, it is imperative to check the verticality of the elements with a plumb line. The plumb line must go exactly through the middle of the top sash and the intersection of the box diagonals.

Then the window sill is installed. It is embedded in the side edges of the window opening by 50-60 mm, and on each side a slight slope is required towards the room.

On the outside of the lower part of the window opening, a drain is made of galvanized steel. It is embedded in the side slopes of the window block at a distance of 30-50 mm on each side.

The platbands should extend onto the wall by at least 10 mm.

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