How To Choose Window Glass

How To Choose Window Glass
How To Choose Window Glass
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Application area

Glazing of windows, stained-glass windows, balcony doors, skylights, greenhouses, greenhouses and other translucent enclosing structures of residential buildings and industrial structures.

How to choose


Quality sheets of window glass are transparent and colorless - no rainbow or matte stains, indelible deposits, or other signs of leaching on the surface! Greenish and bluish shades are allowed, but provided that they do not reduce the light transmittance (the ratio of two luminous fluxes - that passed through a sheet of glass to that falling on the same sheet).

Glass strength

The strength of glass depends on several components: the way of working and processing surfaces and ends, homogeneity, degree of annealing or hardening, the state of the sheet surface and its dimensions. When choosing glass, remember that microcracks and inhomogeneities that appear during the manufacturing process on the surfaces of the sheet and in its volume reduce the strength by about 100 times. Examine the edges carefully, they should be even, and the corners intact. Even small chips and notches along the edges will become stress concentrators, such glass is not a tenant. The presence of small defects (bubbles, foreign inclusions, scratches and so on) is possible, but regulated by special standards.

Application and cutting of glass

For ordinary window glazing, sheets with a thickness of 2.5-4 mm are often used. They are not suitable for large windows and stained-glass windows, they cannot stand the wind load. In such cases, a thicker glass should be installed - 6 or even 10 mm. Moreover, the higher the large window is located, the thicker the glass should be and the smaller the area of ​​its sheet. And one more important thing. Although the properties of the glass are little dependent on the direction of cutting, it is still desirable to mark the long side of the window glass parallel to the long side of the sheet being cut. When placing an order, keep this in mind. By the way, cutting glass increases its cost by about 30 percent.

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