We Buy An Air Conditioner

We Buy An Air Conditioner
We Buy An Air Conditioner
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Today, hundreds of companies operate on the HVAC market. We have to admit that not all firms consider it their duty to provide the Consumer with timely assistance in choosing equipment, as well as in providing warranty and service maintenance, which is necessary for the reliable operation of air conditioners for a long time.



1. The air conditioner is not a standard household appliance, which is enough to plug it in and it already works. The most important thing here is not the equipment itself, but how professionally it will be installed and how qualified its warranty and service will be. The guarantee of reliable operation of the air conditioner for a long time is the reputation of specialized companies where equipment is purchased and installed, as well as the qualifications of the employees who perform these works. Practice shows that more than 80% of all defects identified in air conditioning systems in recent years were the result of unskilled installation of climatic equipment by various “craftsmen” and one-day firms.

2. Believe me, the problem of the microclimate in your room can be solved only by specialized companies with at least one year of experience in the climatic market. Such companies, as a rule, provide a full range of services, from selection to installation and maintenance of air conditioners, while having highly qualified personnel and significant technical resources, including a spare parts warehouse.

3. Agree that no serious company, no matter what business it does, will ever be able to offer you modern equipment and a high level of service at bargain prices. Don't trust cheap technology and free installation.

4. When choosing specialized companies offering air conditioning services, find out the opinion of your acquaintances or friends who already have air conditioners, whether they are satisfied with the operation of the equipment and the quality of the services provided, whether they had problems with warranty or service maintenance of the installed equipment.

5. Availability of high-quality equipment of the most prestigious brands, equipped with the latest technology, does not at all guarantee the absence of problems associated with the "human factor" - the qualifications and level of training of technical personnel who select, install and maintain equipment. Therefore, when contacting a specialized climate company, make sure that the experience in the market and the qualifications of the personnel will allow her to do the work that you trust her. Ask what services they can offer you. Find out about the availability of licenses and certificates required to perform the relevant work. Ask how long it may take to complete the entire range of work, including equipment installation.

6. Remember that for the correct selection of equipment and selection of its installation site, the design manager must visit the room that you plan to air-condition. During the visit of the design manager, be sure to ask him all the questions regarding the nuances of the air conditioner in your room, express your wishes and ask him to provide you in writing with a complete list of the works offered to you with prices. Listen to his recommendations. Ask who exactly and how will provide warranty service for the installed equipment. Please note that warranty service must be carried out by the installer, and that serious companies will never undertake warranty service for an air conditioner installed by someone unknown.

7. When concluding a contract with the company for the installation and maintenance of the air conditioner, pay attention to the fact that the text of the contract contains all the services specified earlier, as well as the timing of work on the installation of equipment.

8. Please note that warranty and service are not the same. Warranty service is provided by the manufacturer only through authorized climatic companies, which are, as a rule, distributors of this brand. Air conditioning equipment usually has a one-year warranty. Servicing is necessary to ensure the basic parameters of the air conditioner in order to avoid its premature failure and is not limited to a simple replacement of batteries in the remote control or cleaning filters. This is a complex of periodically carried out works that require a high level of theoretical training and certain practical skills from the personnel of climatic firms. In addition, due to the high cost of the diagnostic equipment used here,service maintenance is within the power of only serious specialized companies.

9. When installing equipment, give the specialists the opportunity to do their job carefully and without haste, because the service life of your air conditioner largely depends on the quality of the work performed. When accepting the job, ask the installers to acquaint you with the basic methods of working with the air conditioner.

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