Keeping Your House Plants Alive for a Long Time to Come

Here are several things that you can easily do to keep your house plants alive and well.

In order to keep your plant life looking great you will need to give them the care and attention required. You will want to ensure that you are doing everything possible to enhance the successful growth of your plants.

keeping your house plants alive for a long time to come

The first thing that you need to take into consideration is that you make sure you are purchasing the plants at the right time of the year. Many people make the mistake of buying their houseplants at the wrong time of the year; this is a major course why plants tend not to do well.

If you buy house plants when the weather is cold or close to freezing, you are at risk of putting them into shock. Alternatively, you may also kill the plant if buying during the summing and leaving it in your car or outside in the heat for too long.

It is essential that the plant is getting the proper amount of direct or indirect light. Without the necessary amount of light needed, it may die. When choosing your plants make sure to check the care instructions to ensure that it will not be subjected to anything in your home that may harm or prevent it from doing well.

Just by following the simply care instructions will make sure that your house plants will not die before they even have a chance to grow.

Another factor to consider is that you are able to provide the required temperature to ensure the successful growth. Make sure that the plants will receive the recommended amount of light together with the proper temperature in the rooms that you intent to keep them, as this will allow the plant to adjust to its new environment well.

Humidity is another issue that you will need to pay attention to. By ensuring that you place them in area that is kept at the correct temperature and humidity level will make sure that your plants will be able to grow as successfully as possible.

Make sure to keep your plant life watered properly as well. You do not want to over or under water them. If you set a good schedule to water and fertilize the plants, they will do better and be able to live longer.

Keep house plants clean by carefully wiping the foliage with plain room temperature water and a soft damp cloth.

It you intend to move your house plants outdoors during the warmer weather, make sure not to place them in direct sunlight. It is generally best to gradually introduce plants to a new location. Begin this acclimatization by placing outdoors for only a few hours on the first few days, than slowly increasing this over the next 1-2 weeks.

Remember to return the plants into your home before the temperature falls. It will be necessary to repeat the acclimatization steps as mentioned before.

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