Indoor Gardening – Do It Yourself

Imagine greenery all over the place – Wouldn’t it be heavenly? Having more plants, herbs and trees are essential today, as we are nearly suffocating with the high rate of pollution in air, water, and soil. Governments of different countries are encouraging gardening and growing trees on either sides of the roads, public gardens, parks for children with trees etc.

indoor gardening tips

Outdoor gardening is quite conventional, however, as it is becoming extinct with the advent of concrete and high-rise buildings, indoor gardening is gaining importance and popularity. You can maintain a garden indoors, if you are living in an apartment that does not have any outdoor space. If you love nature, you will not find indoor gardening tedious or space consuming.

As A Hobby

A lot of people love spending their free time in gardens. During winters, if you are not able to go out with family on outings or socialize with people in parties, you can spend time collecting materials on indoor gardening and interiorscaping, or you can work on the plants you already have. You can start with the easy-to-grow plant varieties like spider plants, snake plants, crotons and cactus as decoration. You can prune them to keep them growing out of shape and spreading throughout the house. Spray mild pesticides to remove pests that may harm the plants.

Saving Plants During Winters

Certain rare varieties of plants cannot survive snow or cold weather, as they do not have thick barks or leaves to protect themselves. In such cases, it is recommended to dig them out from the garden and keep them indoors in containers until winter passes.

Indoor Gardening Benefits

Indoor gardening improves the mental and physical health of a person. Here are some of its benefits –

1. Indoor gardens enliven a home and give it a whole new character.

2. You can decorate your living room by allowing the climbers to hang near the doors.

3. The plants inside your house will remove toxins, allergens and improve the air quality inside the house.

Even the offices and hotels today have opted for interiorscaping for these reasons.

Beware Of Enemies

If you don’t identify and act on the enemies of your plants in the initial stages, you might repent it later. Whiteflies (insects with white, waxy bodies), spider mites, aphids are all common enemies of plants in general. Aphids are unnoticeable, unlike whiteflies that also attack leaves in general, specifically the tender leaves, to suck their juices. If you are an amateur, you might even find it difficult to identify them. However, after some experience you should be able to tackle them easily.

With the right mix of knowledge and care, experience and expertise, your efforts at indoor gardening will definitely bear fruit.

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