How to Make Your Home Greener

It is easy to learn how to make your home greener, you just have to look around town. Chances are you will see new solar panels on residential roofs, or possibly a wind mill farm in the nearby countryside. Many green power products are now being made in smaller sizes, and with lower cost, for home and office use. These include Solar power, Wind power, and Water power units.

how to make your home greener

For Solar power, use rooftop solar panels that capture sun energy and transform it into DC power. This DC power is sent to a storage battery for use then or later. It can be converted with an inverter unit to AC household power and used for home lighting or to power appliances. There are small panels and energy units for outside that can be used for remote lighting or other power needs. Portable units can be used on RVvehicles, boats, kayaks, and at campsites and other remote areas to power small electrical devices like cell phones, computers or lights.

how to make your home greener

Wind power is another way to make your home greener. Wind mills have been used for centuries on farms and ranches to draw water from wells. Today, modern large units provide electricity for entire communities. There are even large wind mill farms producing electricity for businesses and cities. At home, you can use a smaller unit, and even very small rooftop units for green energy supply. Portable wind mills are being used on boats for green power at sea.

Water power is a third way to make your home greener. You can use large rain barrels to capture rainwater runoff from roofs and then use that water in the yard and garden. If you are near a running source of natural water, a water wheel can gather energy from the flow.

Inside your home, you can use curtains, blinds and shades on windows for sun control, or window coatings. Close them to reduce heat in summer, and use them open in winter to allow passive solar heat into the home.

Recycling is a fun family activity, and is another green lifestyle element. Replace regular light bulbs with energy savers, and LED bulbs to reduce electrical consumption. Change furnace filters regularly, and do maintenance on appliances.

Learn how to make your home greener, you’ll save money doing it!

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