Brown Thumb: Five Great Ideas To Give Your Landscaping More Green

Many people do not have a green thumb, and it can be difficult to keep plants, grass and landscaping green and healthy. If you are one of these people that has a brown thumb, there are some things that you can have done to keep your lawn green. This can include things like aeration, overseeding or even using artificial grass in places where grass does not grow. Here are five things that you can do to turn your brown landscaping green:

1. Aerating Your Lawn

Aerating your lawn is a great way to help keep the grass green. This is the process of making holes that go to the roots and allowing the root system of your grass to breathe. This makes grass hardier and healthier. This is something that can be done with many tools designed for aerating your lawn. You roll the machine over your grass, which creates holes that aerate the grass. The root system of your grass is then able to develop healthier, which can prevent dead spots in your lawn.

2. Using Hardy Plants in Landscaping Design

Hardy plants can also be a great way to have a green landscaping. You may want to think about using things like monkey grass for borders of your lawn. It can be difficult to control, but it can help to add green to your landscaping. You may also want to consider using evergreen shrubs, which require little maintenance except for the occasional pruning. These types of plants will help to keep your garden green even during the winter season.

3. Make Garden Beds and Landscaping Features in Shaded Areas

Trees can be a great benefit to your home; they can provide it with cool in the summer and add value. They can also cause problems with grass, which needs a lot of sun. You may want to consider making shaded areas flower beds and plant them with shade tolerant plants. You can also plant small trees such as dogwoods, which are tolerant to shade. They even have beautiful flowers that bloom every spring.

4. Add Small Water Features To Your Landscape Design

Water features can also be a great addition to landscaping. They will not only give you something to add to your landscaping design, but they can also provide moisture for plants. Consider using ponds and adding a small stream for the filtration system. This will help provide moisture for plants, and give you a place to even grow aquatic plants. Plants such as lilies are easy to care for and will add color to your water features.

5. Overseeding With Different Grass Species

Lastly, to keep the grass green, you may want to consider overseeding. This is the process of seeding grass with an established root system. It can be done with the same species of grass you have planted or with other species. You can even plant two types for summer and winter growth to ensure that your grass is green all year. Wheatgrass is a great species to use for overseeding if you want your lawn to be green during the winter time as well.

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